Meet the 2015-2016 Cohort:


1. Tania Romero, 10th Grade, LVLA -  "Semillas has offered me a chance to take on a leadership role in my community and create a difference for future students." 

2. Andrea Rodriguez, 11th Grade , LCPA

3. Cynthia Toro, 10th, LVLA

4. Lizeth Yebra, 11th Grade, LCPA

5. Chris Gomez 10th Grade, LVLA -  "The program makes me proud to be considered a real member of the community where I can be a part of solving the issues."

6. Abisaid Esquivel, 11th Grade, LVLA - “Through Semillas, I was able to connect with both people my age and people I had never met before. I was able to come out of my comfort zone and incorporate my own skills and those of my peers in order to expand on my abilities and interests."

7. Giselle Vasquez, 10th Grade, RCLA - "This program has allowed me the opportunity to grow my communication abilities and has made me realize that adults in my community care about me and my future."

8.  Osiel Rodriquez, 10th Grade, RCLA - "Having the chance to connect with the community I love has really driven me to become a better student. I will make anyone who wishes to invest in me proud."